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Little, simple things can make you very happy...

Little things

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur12 Jun 2014

Opening up ijsbloem* in the sun.
Chirping of birds, pleasing breeze,
a cup of tea freshly brewed,
unknown to Earl, not under locks.
Weather isn't cold, or too hot,
just agreeable working temps...
ET is after cat things, quietly.
Also big things rule my world,
things invading my thoughts
relentlessly, not healthy, eating
up my brains like wood worms
bit by bit, can't be deleted or freed!
Not chasing dreams anymore,
running after invisible yet noisy,
having-a-fun-day ghosts, things...
Report spam, block doesn't work,
a permanent power-cut might be
a perfect solution, wiping it all,,,
Then I'll have joys of little things
like ijsbloemen* opening up
with sun rays, in all colours...

*ijsbloem(sing.)/ijsbloemen(plu.) = Dutch for
Dorotheanthus bellidiformis = Livingstone daisy