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A milestone

June the 20th

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur20 Jun 2014

A dark, cold June day,
With drizzle and more.
Time to reminisce,
time to do some cleaning!
Fridge, windows, weeds
All sorts unwanted objects.
Time to have a ship-shape,
beautiful, lovely garden,
wildlife part untouched,
just before my birthday!
Let them enjoy, play,
grow the next generation
in my place, undisturbed.
Flourish with their optimism,
one never stops learning,
all the time, from everything.
I'll grow old here with my beloved,
the chosen, lucky and happy one,
in my precious very real world...
Yes optimism, but within reach,
stop being blinded, look around,
happiness is in my heart to share...
No more wasting time or energy
on others not deserved, ever...
Free, fearless, in frenzy; finally...