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Real World RW vs Virtual World VW

Real or virtual ?

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur10 Jul 2014

Don't mix the two:
One is real like me,
like you, like us...
Not us! That's virtual!
No loyalty, no love
Those are real in RW.
Virtual is an adult game
with hundreds to play.
I can have many men,
you as much women
as you like to conquer.
No commitment,
no jealousy,
no love or intimacy...

In my world I like real
feelings, real man to hold,
hug & kiss, to love,
and cherish, be happy!

Please keep your VW to yourself.
Enjoying real world, honesty;
one will do for me, you may have
the hundreds and be happy ..

In fact, you have no one at all,
You are old and lonely;
and heartless...