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To Sun: giving us life, warmth, light and love...

Watching sunrise

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur15 Jul 2014

No more rain, maybe fog.
Better get up early to watch
the beautiful sunrise...
Sun intrigues me, only when
opening eyes to greet the earth
where I live and closing them
to leave us with darkening skies.
Conundrum: which one first?
Feeding birds or running down
the hill to greet the sun's first rays.
Love taking photos when this happens:
Each time other colour combinations,
other clouds, misty or bright
or dreamy and sleepy, yet determined
each and every time to make an appearance.
Millions year old, still beautiful, powerful,
the best actor, in the best show ever on earth.
"There will always be sunrises, sunsets,
somewhere on this world."
I'll witness mine over and over again
whenever I can, wherever I will be.