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Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur08 Dec 2014


by Spring: Beth Vesseur
07 Aug 2014

Determined to fight with eloquent appeal
Different than the ancestors, yet powerful.
Another war of Scottish independence,
Now between the nation itself; undecided.

Did we forget the battle of Bannockburn?
These are changed times, I know, isn't it?
Not giving our lives but our worldly goods
What do we get in return, our new freedom?

Oh brave Scottish people, time to reunite, forgive,
And forget the hostilities of olden days,
It's time to become one voice, one heart saying "YES"
And show the world what Scots are really made of...

Yes, you will succeed, yes you won't ever need
Their help, you can stand on your own two feet
No food banks or poverty but a wealthy nation
Time to rise above them all, time to show the world!