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World is a big place for us, mere mortals...

While you are asleep

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur19 Oct 2014

I get up, have breakfast,
watch the sunrise, take pictures.
Drive to another city
in another country...
Also work: write and create...

While you're still asleep,
I reflect upon people,
their lives, loves and hopes.
Half of the world is sleeping
while I am awake.

Still we interact:
write mails, love notes,
send pictures, tweets, messages...
While world turns around
the sun, the beloved one...

The sun rises and sets,
the moon does its thing:
gets fuller, then wanes.
I experience a full day
while you are asleep...

You wake up, say hello!
We cross paths and then
I put my weary head down,
say goodnight to my world
enter the dreamland ...

In different or same time zones
Each their timetables,
each their beings...
World is circling
our wonderful lives...

Nothing is on hold; life goes on;
we simply walk on different paths...