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Missing Spring

A new life

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur08 Jan 2015

Smelling , listening nature
White clouds passing by chasing
rain-laden dark ones...
Ground covered by fallen leaves
decaying ever so slowly to give new life
to unknown beings.
How insignificant we humans are!
If your life was a fight of the fittest each day
like the birds on the sky, on bare branches;
what would you do then ?
Like changing moods: From cloudy to sunny,
then raindrops start falling on dead leaves.
This is a different symphony
to be enjoyed hours long...
Winter sleep to grant new lives
when it ends, rejuvenate nature and us
embracing winter, cold, winter sleep
to wake up, open my eyes to spring!
To Snowdrops, Muscari, Tulips..