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Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur04 Nov 2014

No more believing in smiles
With hidden ugliness behind.
No more giving, go on giving
To an uncaring heartless mind

No more artificial compliments
I know what I am really worth
No more pretentious greatness
A nobody before me, from birth

Tasteless, lying, cheating human
You have lost a precious gift once
No more moaning, now she's gone
Blame it on her your mischance!

So happy I could see before long
Your empty, cold, heartless soul
You've known the end all along
I'm now ignoring you as a whole...

Make yourself a martyr again
To your family and friends
Unblemished fame to retain
Who you step over inhumane

As long as you can sleep well
Not nights but during the day
At your late age pretend a rebel
Without me forever and a day!