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This was from 16 December, 2014.
Time to air it...

A dark afternoon

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur26 Jun 2015

No sun today; a cloudy, dark day.
Dancing flames in open fire are cheerful,
racing away to the chimney…
My feet are warm, so is my tea,
the candles generate light, warmth.
A summer’s day indoors!
Let's forget darkness and rain clouds.
Soft music, sweet memories of summer
lingering around, reminding an almost love-affair
from last summer; not meant to be…
His heart was crowded with past two loves
No wish to add a new; just a romance, a fling maybe
Open to all kinds of flirts but not to a true love,
It was not meant to be.
And I was the last person to see:
Stupidity or an innocent heart yearning for love,
A sweet innocent love.
Men over fifty don’t do innocent love
Finding out the hard way,
Coming to terms? No, not really.
It’ll stay with me all dark days long, all winter.
I may wake up to my senses in the spring,
New birth, new sensation, a new love maybe?
Only if it will be reciprocated this time…