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Bite-size impromptu scribbles with another poet on Twitter. This is my side of tweets...

What the heart desires

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur21 Nov 2014

awakens memories
of no return.
Beauty of sincerity
excitement of gone days.
Joy filled of our
precious times.
Waves of emotions
beating the shores
of your soul,
salty pebbles
telling times lost.
So hurry, race
with the winds
reach me.
Wouldn't it be
a dream come true
running the hot
sands through?
Waves and winds
to loving arms
intoxicating,sensuous charms...
I'll fly with the winds
Facing fading sun rays
A soft touch on sea.
Running to strong arms
of fate, warmth and
endless love.
Excellent taste in wine,
in one another.
Days bring oneness.
Listen to waves,
create waves
in one another!
Twirling beauty
being one.
If written on moonlights
it'll be reality!
Shining on sea
Waves or no waves
Swimming in sensuality
till the end of time...
Certainty I cannot say
Maybe truly one day
One finds one's equal
Swimming in sea of
Beauty, happiness
Never forgetting love!