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I have a painting called Angels Calling = very near to my heart...

Angels Calling/ Stories of a thousand and one nights

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur26 Nov 2014

A work of art needs you to lose yourself
in it, endlessly. It's not just a glimpse only.
My Angels Calling invites me in for ecstasy
Unearthing, perceiving, exhausting my fantasy.

Each time I uncover another thrilling story
Not only a sensual, joyful, inviting body,
much more; Aladdin's cave with a melody,
full of crescendo, playing a whole symphony!

Adorning my house, I'll treasure it forever
Lose moments, days exploring and savour.
Shall I look for another gem in my life ever?
No idea, now I don't even want to consider...