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Nights are for dreams....

Time to dream

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur08 Dec 2014

Weary time at its last moments
Ending another precious day
With happy smiles, enjoyments
The dark night takes us away.

Body and soul in need of rest,
Dreams may enter our nights.
By peace, joy, our days blessed
Deep in sleep till morning lights.

Then the time arrives to dream
What we cannot have during day
Without nightmares and scream
Pleasing hopes and dreams to stay...

Time to dream, time to lose me
in dreams, I can hold him and kiss
into imaginary elegance called we
He's mine for a short while, bliss!

Want to stay in bed warm but lonely
evading snow, winds blowing forth!
Wish to keep on dreaming 'cause only
there he offers me love and warmth.