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How our spontaneous thoughts give us away...

Poems of the Night

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur13 Dec 2014

Poems ejecting, reflecting,expelling
from your piercing eyes to my
dreamy, and sleepy thoughts
Quivering in raw ecstasy
just landed my heart:
with rough hills,
to blue lakes,
untouched virgin
territory, just waiting...
Merely love opens chains
only love my heart responds to.
Without love I'll have nothing to offer.
Nothing to bother, this is just me
Then I'll become out of bounds!
Whether my sweet affection,
might alter your mind?
Will you then accept?
Are you so burnt,
and out of touch,
disillusioned, lost
to lift up the curtains
that blocked your heart?
Let love warm you up, let me
grant my love, make you whole again.
Creations at higher rank, priceless gems,
in superior heat.Taste this pure water,
Indulge, emerge, breath, fall again
in love as in a wondrous form:
Not touching uncut diamond
Never changing yourself
Purified, a new man,
perfectness self!