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The Worlds Collide..

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Worlds Collide

282201_378725782183321_368881817_nby Liz Blade28 Jun 2014

Leave the worlds outside.
Let them collide like lovers in the night.
Say your prayers and say goodnight.
Something is happening, in the world tonight.
Let the worlds outside do what they need.
Inside I ache for something more.
My feelings have left and fallen to the floor.
The love, the lust the power and the trust.
We are who we are and we belong.
Let us dance and dance to our song.
Turn the music up some more.
Pour the wine and hear the thunder roar.
All we want in life is more.
But we are never satisfied with what we already have.
Greed has taken over.
Let us be content again in work-a-day lives.
Bring back the simple things in life.
Let us laugh and learn and let us trust again.
Let’s all be happy instead of, untrusting friends.
We don’t want to look over shoulders
or lock our doors at night
we don’t want blood to spill in war.
Let war be over. Let’s bring the soldiers back.
Don’t let government promise you the world
and get nothing back.
Don’t let the man or woman of the household
work so hard they break their back.
Whatever happened to the days
we would greet someone with a smile?
A smile these days is hard to find.
All because of people that have changed our minds.
Let’s turn back time, we can do it if we just try.
Don’t let another baby go hungry for food, that they cry.
Let us show the love that humanity does know of.
Let us give thanks for what we have.
Don’t wish for more.
Just be who you are, forever more.

Written By Liz Blade