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I heartily dedicate this poem to my LOVE RIZWAN.

My Love

Pz-avatarby Morve Roshan K.22 Feb 2019

My Love

‘He’ entered to embellish my life,
I can’t say but I can feel,
The people promote to separate,
But the emotion, feeling, affections,
Binds to us for forever!

Where I am going? What I am doing?
Really, don’t know, living in ambiguity,
Only I assent ‘He’ is my love,
And Love is my life,
Without him I can’t live,
Without him, I can leave life!

He loves me a lot and I love him a lot,
How I am loving? Why I am loving?
Really, I don’t know a riddle,
Only I know, I wish to live life with him to death!

The world realized my existence with identity,
My being in him, ‘His’ existence in me,
No one can deny, no one can destroy,
The life is world; my whole world is ‘He’!

His happiness is my key; this key is my fortitude,
Relations are like threads, can be break,
Stitch it for forever, keep it for forever,
The obligated grateful for God to give me Charisma!
Morve Roshan K.
United Kingdom