Independence Day

Pz-avatarby Moshe Belinsky26 Dec 2019

Took you long enough
Don’t you think?
I mean how many clues
Had to sink in?

Taking a dip in the Nile
Wasn't that great
And our holiday in Bagdad
Felt a bit stagnate

Oh! And don't even make me start
talking about that time when we were in Spain
Such terrible hospitality
What a pain

And what about that time
When we visited Kiev and played in the snow
Did you know it turns red
If your name is Sarah, Shimon or Shlomo

And that time that we had a big family reunion
Against our will
That train ride wasn't the biggest thrill

But you know what?
Deep inside I'm glad your finally here
Two thousand years is worth the wait
Because finally we have a state