The Floor is Lava

Pz-avatarby Moshe Belinsky30 Jan 2020

This is the tale of Roy
Who was a young mischievous boy.
He loved to sing and play all day
Letting his imagination take him away

One day, his mother told him
Son we are going shopping
And if you behave yourself like a good boy
Mommy might just buy you a brand-new toy.

Roy was thrilled and promised to be good
Saying to his mom
Everything is understood.

When the two got to the mall.
Roy tried to be a good boy.
After all its not everyday that mom buys a new toy.

They went from shop to shop.
And from store to store.
And with each pass of a door
Roy started to day dream more and more.

People became zombies robots and scary things
The shelves became hills higher than the tallest buildings
The tile floors disappeared
And instead it appeared.

A great sea of molten rock longer than what the eye could see
Instead of where floor used to be.
But Roy wasn't afraid of it at all.
He trained for this day after all.

He jumped from stone to stone
From hill to hill
And from one annoyed monster to another
To eventually get to his mother.

He then looked at her and said
Mommy I was a good boy
Can I now receive my brand-new toy?

But his mother said
Son what have you done
The whole store looks like a one big hit and run.

Suddenly all the monsters and things disappeared
And instead of it appeared
A bunch of messy piles of clothes, shelves and things
And bunch of customers with pain in their limbs.