Late night thoughts.

20200524_233340by Musab Ashraf15 Apr 2020

Bad times can come upon anyone, and it often come in battalions. At that moment we keep stacking up our problems and then a strange feeling just appears there, an inexplicable feeling, it may be the fear of failure, rejection or disappointment. Whatever those feelings are, sometimes you can't find words for it to explain. These are the time when all we need is a little push from the right person and suddenly our inexplicable feelings, find a torrent of words blocked by our own fears. The company of that person may become a solacing factor in the bitterness of the situation.
You can discuss everything with that one without the fear of being judged or categorized.
With that one you find your true self.
But the question stills remains there.
Who is that right person?
Where is that right person?