Pz-avatarby Nadav z18 May 2020

Dan is 35 years old he has two kids and he is happily married to Dana. He has a high paying job which he loves and both his parents' lives right next door to him. Dan has the perfect life. Every morning Dan gets up in six in the morning; he washes his face and he runs out for one hour jog. He finishes' his jog at about seven and he wake's his kids and wife. By seven-thirty Dan is already on his way to work after he dropped his kids in their schools. At eight o'clock exactly Dan walks into his office and turns on his computer. At twelve, he leaves to eat lunch with his friend Steve, Steve is from accounting. He order's his usual fish, and Steve order's chicken. Precisely at four o'clock Dan closes his computer and adds out to pick his wife from work. She gets in the car at four-thirty and they get home at five. Dan is sitting on his desk after eating and showering at seven o'clock and checks out his e-mails. By nine o'clock he and Dana are sitting in the living room watching TV after the kids went to bad, and at eleven it's off to bad for them too. This past week though, Dan always stayed a bit after eleven o'clock at night. He just sitting in the living room looking at a random channel and wondering. This has been going on for a month now, he wonders when he watches TV, he wonders during lunch and he wonders while driving. It all started one month ago while going through his e-mails in the evening, Dan noticed an e-mail from an old lady friend name Ann. Long before he met Dana and had a family Dan was just finishing college and he was planning on traveling, and he did travel for six months to Europe. During his last two months he met Ann, they were basically like a married couple, and they did everything together. When it was time to get back home they made a pact; that whenever one of them will come to visit the other he must accept no matter what. This was thirteen years ago. Dan knows what it means to meet with Ann, he knows it is not going to end well for anybody. Dan loves his wife and he is a very happy man and a husband, though one meeting won't hurt anybody, right?