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The power of smile is immense we could never measure (eg- the smile blossoming on the face of Mona Lisa etc).


642b19305dd70ac11ef83974953d5dc2by Madhusoodhanan09 Nov 2016

Smile, the feat of mankind
Quite unfathomable till day
Enigmatic to all words
Dragging in to feel its vividities
To ruse and ruse the meaning
Yet nobody could scale the horizon
A smile do unwrap.

The unheard sound of smile
Radiating its balmy rays
With a prowess unmatched
Mould ourselves too tender
And lift all to an eerie plain
More vociferous than any roar...
Which can tremble untrue hearts
Which can caress with a celestial trait
Which crumbled to pieces
Many empires that rode on
With markings in history.
The smiles of legendary icons
Begot volumes of epics
We grope on for ages
To discover the essence of it
The truth behind the smiles
Still slipped through all words.