Ariel- Short Story

Pz-avatarby Natalie12 May 2020

The sun was already high in the sky when Ariel's eyes gradually opened. He tried to get himself up from the bed, but it was so cozy and warm inside under the blue blanket so he decided to stay a bit more in bed. He was an energetic child usually who could wake up before the dawn on Saturdays, though when it came to school days, he would prefer staying asleep throughout the whole morning. When it was 7:30 a.m. Ariel's mother shouted from the nearby room, "Honey you have to get up, otherwise your teacher will be upset with you". However, his mother's requests did not seem to bother him, so instead of getting up, he started giggling to himself and repeatedly said, "I'm late to school"...

Finally, his mother entered the room and helped him get dressed and prepared for school while she was ignoring the laughter in the background. She already knew that it would not help be strict or even be angry with him for misbehaving early in the morning because she learned with a lot of pain to acknowledge the fact that she had a special son on the autistic spectrum. It was 8:00 o'clock when they were on their way to school. It was a fifteen-minute ride to the school he studied at. His parents fought a lot in order for him to get accepted to this school since they had diagnosed Ariel with a low functioning autism and this school initially planned on opening a small classroom with high functioning ones. However, the eight-year old Ariel was not even aware all these years of what his parents had to go through in order for him to study at that school.

He did not like going there. He was the only kid with this syndrome, so all the time he was alone there. On their way to school, Ariel started crying and said desperately, "Mommy I don’t want to go to school at all". His mother was so nervous from them being late for school even though it became their morning routine to get prepared and drive under pressure to his school, she looked at him through the front mirror and asked, "Why is that honey? I promise to pick you up early today so you will have a short day at school". But he did not respond to her question, because it was hard for him to share his feelings even with his close family that he did not have friends and he felt lonely most of the time.

Finally, after this tense drive Ariel's mother walked him to the school's gate and kissed him lightly on his forehead and said with a warm smile, "Goodbye my sweetheart. Be a good boy. Behave well during the lessons". He kissed her too and ran to the classroom. At 10:00 o'clock, at the beginning of recess time, the bell range. All the kids went to the playground, some were playing with a ball, others were walking and chatting but Ariel had his own break routine. Every break he would go to the old school's playground and he sat there on one specific branch he liked. While he was sitting there he used to observe the other kids playing, hoping that he could play with them too. However, he did not really know how to approach others and socialize in general. Similarly to him the others were not able to comprehend him and be sensitive to his condition. So they used to laugh and mock him, which made Ariel crying sometimes.

One night, Ariel went to sleep. In his dream he saw a brown puppy. Everyone was stroking and playing with the adorable puppy. From the fear he sprang out of bed, but suddenly his body felt lighter and everything in the room started to have its own smell. He wanted to scream but instead of this a yowling came out, which made him frightened even more. His parents were so scared; they did not understand where this noise came from since they did not have pets at home. They looked out of their bedroom window, but there was not any dog in sight. The mother said shockingly to her husband, "Maybe we were hallucinating, we better go to sleep again". When their eyes were gradually closing the loud noise came up again, however, now they could surly tell that it came from their house. They started to search their small apartment and there they saw the cute puppy sitting still on their beloved son's bed. The father put his hands on his face and started to scream, "Where is Ariel? I can't stand it anymore Mari! Why did God decide to send us such a complicated child? Where could he be?" But Mari was mesmerized by the puppy's kind eyes. From looking at them she could tell that this was her son. She started crying right away and the puppy jumped on her and started licking and rubbing himself against her soft skin. For the first time in his life, he showed how affectionate he was. For the first time, he experienced what affection felt like.