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I love rhyming

A stream of poetic consciousness

54e34bd6913f0537fef95d6ecc6bd28aby Natalie Burns01 Dec 2013

Some people dance and some they sing
Whilst me I like to rhyme a thing
Cat and sat and mat they’re easy
Love, above and dove so cheesy
Far more complicated though
Are Bordeaux and Vincent Van Gogh
Or is that Vincent Van Gogh
(Pause for cough)
It’s really fun to stretch myself
With words like Continental shelf
Plunder one’s vocabulary
For words that rhyme with constabulary
It’s childish but it’s rather fun
Like scoffing down a sticky bun
It never bores. I never tire
It often fills me with desire
Too intellectual for foreplay
You’d rather watch a steamy play
Or re-read Fifty Shades of Grey
See look how far the mind can stray
So back to rhyme I’m using pairs
Or couplets if you must split hairs
William Shakespeare sometimes rhymed
But they didn’t always scan and they weren’t always well timed
LOL I wonder can you rhyme and text
AFAIK but I’m out of my depth
See what I did there, a near rhyme
Emily Dickinson did it all the time
There even exists gendered rhyme
So Masculine the word sublime
Whilst the Feminine was once a fashion
Rarely used with any passion
And is there a rhyme for every word?
Not for purple so I heard
And to try and find orange in the rhyming dictionary
Could cause a cardiopulmonary