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I love...

54e34bd6913f0537fef95d6ecc6bd28aby Natalie Burns01 Dec 2013

I love,
orange skies and purple mountains,
turquoise seas and silver fountains,
paddling along the ocean shore,
dancing on the carpet floor,
bare feet sinking into soft,
baking bread smells gently waft.
I love snow that's crisp and deep,
teddy in my arms, asleep,
driving on a summer's day
with windows down, my words at play.
Writing words that breathe and burn,
I love the way they twist and turn.
I love the canvases I strike
with brush and palette knife alike,
the colours as they blend and mix,
my artistic fix.
I love the sound of pages flicked,
anticipation of the enemy licked
by a protagonist admired for strength and compassion
not just good looks and high street fashion.
I love the smell of dewy grass,
woodland walks and shiny brass,
live music played by passionate folk,
bacon and eggs with runny yolk.
Just simple things to spend some time
you know of course I love to rhyme.
I love to talk to friends and chat,
about their hopes and dreams and that,
to share good food, a tot of rum,
a game of scrabble with my mum.
I love to see my boys do well,
they know I love them for I tell
them how I feel and never fear
to hug them anytime they're near.
Then there's passion and there's pleasure,
what aspects of love I treasure
What makes me tremble, makes me sigh
I share that only with my guy