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This poem symbolizes the struggles I went through in Russia and the outcome of just praying to God that led me to America.

A Girls Prayer

Pz-avatarby Natella Mckinney14 Apr 2019

America must be the dream
That’s all I can think
Taking care of these kids,
One prayer and it could be a fix
Having parents to comfort me
Is all I can glance in the sky to see

A young girl dreaming of a home
Russians live in a dome
Waiting to meet children like me
The life that is a guarantee
Is this a dream or reality
What I see in my life to be

Having less isn't a struggle,
Having more is increasingly stressful
The word “family” hit me hard
Now I can finally get a birthday card
The possibility of a strong bond
The new life that is beyond
A wish of a child being set free

Seeing my brothers left me breathless
A new life without a checklist
Flying with birds that sore
One step away from an open door

America, the country of freedom
Away from a place that was a prison
Smiling at my family
Knowing it was meant to be
Life appears as a puzzle
That I’m beginning to put together

From the past to the present,
I would never change this
America is a dream
Thank God my prayer was heard