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Closing poem (English version from triptych) -written by myself - from trilingual collection collection "From Shore to Shoormal / Dun rivage à l'autre", co-written with Donna Allard, Broken Jaw Press, 2012

inviting you to explore the coast of New Brunswick & PEI.

Atlantic Home

Imageby Nat Hall14 Feb 2014

Oh, wow, I found a bottle in the sea.
Water-washed words,
it spoke of shores,
my horizon can imagine …
And I, the raven-follower, begin to dream:
Blueberry Field, Miscou Island,
Hopwell Rocks,
Chignecto Bay, Bay of Fundy,
your Confederation Bridge a lifeline to Prince Edward and unity—
Raven’s homeground, twin with my world …
North Cape,
Pleasant Valley,
East Point Lighthouse,
Peggy’s Cove,
Cape Breton,
Île Madame … I love this sudden switch of tongue
sur toutes les lèvres du St Laurent!
Now I feel home on either side of Atlantic.