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its about ruthless behavior of man towards nature and his selfishness .but too give its payback through natural calamities

Nature has its own Way

Pz-avatarby navya saxena07 Jan 2018

Cutting the mountain,
Constructing the road;
Enjoying the artificial rain,
Delighted over materialistic snow abode;
O, You Great Man.

Abolishing the forest,
Building the township;
Rearing Bonsai,Aloe-vera and rest,
Breathing poisonous air with pride,
O,You Great Man.

Nature took his revenge.

Landslides paved road with daggers ,
Cloudburst demolished joy with rage;
Avalanche made man home seekers,
O,You Incredible Nature.

Nature took His revenge.

Agnostic life comes to end venture,
Man struggling for last gasp.

O,You Incredible Nature.