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This poem is dedicated to my x-love

Still in me

Img_20171212_100155_032by Navya13 Apr 2018

Even if you shut my doors away,
I am no where gone,
Right from the day, you touched my soul
Uah in me, inside the roots of my soul.

I remember the day,you look up my way,
Waiting, just to see me in ur day,
Am on your side, right next to you,
Even if you don't believe it, uah still in me.

I remember the day we hooked up,
The late night calls,the broken texts, and the late byes.
But you no-where gone,
Even if you don't believe it, uah still in me & in my soul.

Still waiting, for the day of rejoice
Why ain't you look back,
Is that so ease to let go your soul,
Beleiev me, youah still in me and so in you.

I wanna hold your hands and live out, even if that was not meant to be,
But then atleast for a day,
I wanna live in ua arms,
In holding you tight by caressing ur lips,
Even if you don't believe it, trust me, Uah still in me.