I wonder..

4256a8a941ab67fac6a5c00f7d5bbfbfby Arts26 Apr 2019

Sitting at the airport, waiting for the plane
Listening to two kids driving their mother insane
Wondering about my own self, reflecting on my thoughts
I wonder how will I manage? Will two kids be a lot?
We are on a holiday, desperately need the break
The mind keeps wandering, thoughts about work, I simply cannot shake
Don't want hubby and son to know how my work has affected me
Try as much and hide, they are clever, they can see.
Regrets about a work decision - do I have? I guess not
Every piece of happiness and peace comes at a cost.
I look around and spot a very old man sitting - his life experience shown in his wrinkles
I wonder how we would be - would our lives be complicated or simple?
Looking at my husband now playing with the 3-year-old, I feel oh so proud
Monkey see and monkey do, these two truly stand out in the crowd.
We are at the beginning phase of our growing family
I wonder as we grow old - how things would be?
But then I realise that what's in our control is our present
And with that, I thank God for these lovely moments
I need to stop wondering about what my life would be
Instead, I choose to enjoy these moments and make those everlasting memories