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This was written when I was at crossroads of my life. My parents had a rich proposal for me whereby all the riches in the world came with its own challenges. This poem reflects on my thoughts whilst I made that all important decision.

My kind of world

4256a8a941ab67fac6a5c00f7d5bbfbfby Arts26 Apr 2019

Oodles of money, best of clothes
Heads turn, people whisper, "there she goes"
Best of everything, jewellery and perfumes
The latest cars, you name it, even the latest tunes
Rish tastes, extravagant expenses
A plastered smile, false pretences
Where everything is fake, nothing is genuine
People would want all you have, only you know - your life is ruined.
Would I want to settle for life such as this?
Where everything is superficial and shallow, even a kiss
Or do I settle for simpler things in life?
Where for most things, one would have to strive
The money will be hard earned and so its value will be doubled
The efforts would definitely be more, nothing would come without troubles.
To achieve something, one would have to go an extra mile
But nothing could be compared to the satisfaction and the warm genuine smile
The happiness I would experience, just by helping people out
For me, that's what life should be about!
To love one another and care and share
And suddenly pains vanish, erasing the nightmares
The innocent look, a warm touch
Yes, this is my kind of world, the one I cherish very much!