An ode to a dear friend

4256a8a941ab67fac6a5c00f7d5bbfbfby Arts13 Jul 2014

I have a reason to believe in mental telepathy
Its this friend who is sharp, intelligent and extremely witty
She always knows when I need her
She's there to assure me, with her around, I need not fear
The best part is that she listens to what I have to say
Patiently waiting by my side, no matter how long I delay
She's happy when I am, also sensitive to feel when I am not
And that's why she is the best friend in the world I have got
She has a kind heart and is extremely beautiful too
She turns heads when we are out with many subtly wanting to woo
Beautiful expressive eyes she has which say unspoken words
Exchanging feelings without the need to be loud and feel heard
And hence each night I sit and pray to God
For having given me Sweety, my friend, my dog..