1378084_10153336453695531_513120019_nby N Cordeaux11 Aug 2013

An unmitigated touch of presence
She steps subtly, consciously,
into his.
Awkward, jagged glances which hang
Onto the edges, refusing to fall into
Acknowledgement, to fall into
synonymous existence, to fall
From solitude.

Yet his laughter pierces skin
Hot fuelled blood rushes,
Acutely sensitive, quivering
Images penetrate, resurface
‘The damage is done’.

Helium rings, vibrates, expands
beneath the flesh
beneath the bone.
An unfamiliar conquering
Revisits each familiar touch, eager
Grasping soles, rewinding exhilaration
Both claw, scratch, devour the other in search of
the inhalation -
Inhale the entire; consume each breath
To peak, to rise, is to fall…

‘The damage was done’
and her mind
was gone.