The Spectre of Pornography

1378084_10153336453695531_513120019_nby N Cordeaux30 Aug 2013

She willingly(?) submits
Entangled and tied to foreign fantasy by innate flesh
Wrapped in industrious pleasure(?) cries
that ripple
and scatter
and disperse
amongst the night’s (un)watched viscid hands that rinse women in Woman
exuding expectation with(out) the promise of ejaculation
Minds so mesmerised transcribe so we must memorise
Each line. Each look. Each touch.

Hollow out ourselves, unearth dark growth,
uproot resistance –
(un)narrated She follows the spectral plot:
“please the stranger”
Falsified struggle, tasted surrender, actively yield service
Bell Rings - are we the game or character -
“please that stranger”
Fuelled with (un)rehearsed inhibitions
delusions of control, visions of empowerment
armed; loaded;
but fingerless to the trigger…
watch and be be and watch
be and watch watch and be
for now nonpenetration comes alive -
signifier of penetration!
Spontaneous lusts (sub)consciously formed for the benefit of
“pleasing a stranger”.

The Spectre of Pornography haunts unoccupied terrain
Advanced beyond our territory;
reality breeds with fantasy; desire abandoning politics
Actuality trades in imagination
Virtue stained by Virtual
And so, to be whole is no longer the goal
mirror of His Image we are reflected into the
(Un)willing spectator
a haunted bystander
to The Show of “A Stranger’s Pleasure”.