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This poem is about the first time that I had a lucid dream, and how I felt knowing that I could control everything within that dream.


1402831883070by Deshawn Branch 12 Jan 2015

Living in a world that I created,
As a prisoner of my own mind
And I never want to escape it.
I’m lost in this mind of mines
Where the sky is purple and blue,
As I watch the green sunshine
Beam down on the coastline.
While I float there,
In the middle of nowhere,
Suspended in thin air.

I am the only inmate and warden
In the prison.
So, when a part of me wants to leave,
The other half of me attempts
To keep me there.
This prison . . . man oh man,
I wonder if this prison is unaware
Of me being aware.
I’m lucid, feeling like a god
Enjoying his creations,
But in an instance I could lose it.

I don’t want freedom give me life,
But this stay is only temporary,
For me to get life I would have to
Give my life.
Imagine living in a place where you
Had no worries or fears.
There are no killings, pain doesn’t
Exist, and you will never feel the
Need to shed a tear.
I’m here, but when I open my eyes I
Will finally see that I am free.
But this prison . . . this prison
Will always be a part of me.