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This is dedicated to the woman that showed me what unconditional love truly means.


1402831883070by Deshawn Branch 12 Jan 2015

Vivacious, captivating, endearing, enchanting, and
Graceful are all words that describe you.
I am attracted to you, yes this is true.
But this is deeper than me being attracted physically.
I am talking about mentally and spiritually.
But I will go further, because I don’t think that you are
Hearing me.

I never knew that perfection could exist.
But in my eyes you are perfect, perfection you are it. If there is a god you are one of his angels.
You came into my life and took my mind off of my
Broken heart that was left mangled, strangled, and tangled.

A day without you in my life feels like an eternity.
The pain of missing you hurts externally and internally.
When I am with you, nothing else in the world matters.
Our time together consists of laughter,
Love making, and deep conversations.
We discuss topics and theories that have us debating.
At that moment our souls are in tuned with one another
And our consciousness is elevated.

By now I think that you are hearing me clearly.
You are realizing that you are dear to me.
When we are apart I want you near me.
Clearly, you are hearing me and feel that I want you
Here with me.