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This poem is for anyone that has/is facing tough times and feels like everyone is against the; keep on running.


1402831883070by Deshawn Branch 12 Jan 2015

Runaway, ignore the voices that are telling you to stay.
They are the hunters and you are the prey.
Your downfall is what they pray for.
Jump over that stumbling block, run faster, what are
You waiting for?
Even if you are faced with more, find another path to
Reach your goal; take a detour.

They don’t want to see you progress.
They want to see you in distress, stressed, and
With your house foreclosed and your car repossessed.
Don’t be influenced, their actions aren’t conducive to
What you are doing.
They are motivated by hatred, but they feed off of your
Happiness and they have a thirst for seeing your life in
Ruins, ruined.

Listen, these people will smile in your face while
Pretending to have good intentions.
Their true thoughts are hidden . . . behind invisible
Smoke screens; this smoke conceals their motives
While clouding your judgement.
This makes you feel like accomplishing something,
Will still amount to nothing.

You are a puppet with an endless amount of
Call it intuition, but I envision your future being a
But you can change things, cut the strings, free
Be yourself and run-away before there is no time left.