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This poem is about the struggle that I dealt with after losing myself and seeing the world in a way that most people don't see it. Some may call it a spiritual awakening, but during this time, the person that I used to be died.


1402831883070by Deshawn Branch 12 Jan 2015

I had traded my sanity for intelligence.
A mind filled with impure thoughts, how can
I combat an Invisible pestilence?
How can a man defeat what he can’t see?
I was deceived and by ignoring the existence of deceit,
My ignorance kept me from seeing that my
Enemy was me.

Good, evil, light, dark, heaven, hell, love, hate.
Whatever you call it, they all exist in the same space.
You must learn to balance them or your time in this realm
Will be a waste.
The light and the darkness should be embraced.
Because both are a part of us and we can’t escape.

Why do you conceal your true self, are you afraid of not Fitting in?
Is it easier to pretend?
Do you fear standing out, do you go through
Life blending in?
You must transcend this level of thinking.
Only you can save your soul from drowning, but you
Didn’t even know that it was sinking.