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This is part 1 to my poem called Lost and Found.


1402831883070by Deshawn Branch 12 Jan 2015

I am the deceiver, and I am here to deceive
Give yourself to me and I will receive you.
I want to control you.
I am your enemy in disguise, plotting on
Your demise when I console you.

Not only do I want your mind, I want your
Soul and your heart.
Tell me who you love, and I will tear them
Your happiness hurts me, but when you are
Sad it completes me.
I am a part of you, and you can’t defeat

Ignore the light and accept the darkness.
And I’ll expose you to your mind’s eye,
And you will see clearly even when it is the darkest
Inside and outside, don’t be petrified.
No one can hear your Screams and cries.
Let the universe take its course, don’t
Speak just listen to the cosmic voice.
I am your creator; I am the original source.
Even in my silence, I can use my thoughts
To penetrate your thoughts.

I appear to be benevolent.
Your ignorance keeps you from seeing the
Side of me that is malevolent.
You might not see the relevance,
But these words that I speak are relevant,
Even to those people that are irrelevant.