1402831883070by Deshawn Branch 13 Jan 2015

Even when the sun is up I experience darkness.
The pain is there, but can't be seen like the Loch-ness . . . monster.
My mind is imprisoned in a hell that I created.
This is a hell that I must conquer.

I experience loneliness, the feeling of being miserable,
Lifeless, non-existent, invisible.
Some day’s life can be so amazing that I experience a
Natural high,
And some days my soul cry and I just want to
Wither away and die.

But I know my time here is temporary, I'm on a mission
I'm a visionary.
But at times I tend to worry, like right now, because
My vision is blurry.
But, that's okay, because I am a warrior with knowledge
That goes beyond what most can perceive with their 5 senses.
The knowledge that I've gained is beyond the levels of Comprehension of those that exist in this dimension.
Is it possible to be evil with good intentions?
Doing bad things for the greater good, could you
Handle that position?

I'm not perfect but I know my purpose.
I just began to scratch the surface,
Emerging, riding the waves of life, surfing.
I'm trying to break this cycle, but I trapped
In this circle,
And whenever I try to escape I'm faced with
Another hurdle.