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After reading some Gay-themed poetry I wanted to experiment with the darker side of gay male sexuality and the feelings associated with hook-ups.

NSA now!

F4a0cf5bf2fc53c214b452ecef9c7da0by Niall Jordan19 Jul 2015

The man I lie with
He is any man I chose
Based solely on my mood
Or some deep compulsion
His features share no meter
Nor aesthetic I can find.

Yet here he lies.

Not long ago, enraptured
The ecstasy of my lips
He lies between my legs
His load across my beard
That word, here, is ne'er heard
Nor offered to be kind.

Here he lies, an empty shell.

His lifespan so distinctly short
Surely, I am privileged to know,
So few will e'er see the like?
I know this lie to be as all the rest
I am comforted but a while,
Our passing remains unsigned.

He lies, panting soon quelled.

When it comes my time
I shall play the "fool Casanova"
He too played at love
Truthfully I play with such a brute
Because love is never present
At such rendezvous.

This man I have lain with.

He is but another tool
For me to play the part
No milkmaid am I,
But a butcher of the heart
My lover and I, together make a fool
Bound together in the hollow of our cry.

This man.