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I love Ogam/Ogham and have a very dear friend, Isolde Ó'Broalocháin-Carmody who has helped me no end in trying to decipher the Ogam fídh and their meanings.

While reading some of W. B. Yeats's Modernist poetry I was inspired by identity and expression for the individual and the national identity and wondered by what comparison I might see myself.

In all honesty this poem did not live up to this but it did work with some of the meanings behind the Ogam fídh in a modern context in an interesting way.

This is my second draft, following suggested edits by Isolde. So I further indebted to her, and a third draft may be the reworking of the final free verse.

I'd love to hear feedback in the meantime. :)

"My Name"

F4a0cf5bf2fc53c214b452ecef9c7da0by Niall Jordan19 Jul 2015

Nuin, the final flush – a birth from the Mother
Ió, the greatest change – an epidural
Ailm, the call to life – primordial [cry]
Luis, the blaze of life
Luis, the medicine to make it right.

Muin, a journey by which all my forebears have come
Ailm, an utterance I cannot shy away from
Quert, a wish upon a rag-bush – to pacify the Good Folk.

Sraif, the biological and chemical change begun
Ió, a circle completing itself, leading to True Alchemy
**Úr, toward the mighty north – the cold earthly sphere.
**Ruis, the now, ever present evening twilight
Tinne, the tested metal of tradition – the bar to strive for!
Ailm, soon announces my final call
Ió, the final poultice for a life well lived
Nuin, and a rebirth to wander a child of earth beneath starry skies.

Níall Mac Siúrtain, a name of many meanings
With masks and performances all too trite!