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Reading some poetry from Ed Madden and the fiscal nature of love-making seemed to be something I wanted to revisit in my poetry.

Lads' Love

F4a0cf5bf2fc53c214b452ecef9c7da0by Niall Jordan08 Jun 2014

A love with a stifled voice,
Belittled by those of ill-formed choice,
I share a grĂ¡ for another boy,
Yet I must, ever learn to be so coy,
How will I learn like all my peers,
What it means for a lad to show another such care.

I remember well my first love,
He was a friend before I made any move,
And with a whimper
Did it all transpire
While my classmates flittered about.

We learned to couch our feelings,
In safe intonations and revealings,
Yet, when it came about,
Neither he nor I could admit they had clout,
As our emotions bonded us we acted out.

Barely fifteen - we'd rushed through it all,
Only to be forestalled,
By the over-exuberance we did enjoy,
The charm my lover did employ,
What would the story of years,
Offer two scared teenagers - wet behind the ears.

I sat, dump and bereft,
With the whet, elastic residue
Which our rendezvous had left.