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An open and honest, if not inherently a popular response to the discussions around men and hyper-masculinity understood as the dominant or hegemonic force in our modern society.

Elliot Rogers may have presented his manifesto to represent his own twisted beliefs but these are not the beliefs of all men/males - it is indeed the hyper-masculinity which had me fearful of my own masculinity growing up gay from 1980s through 90s.

I'm far from happy with the whimsy of the second part as it seems to adopt an apologetic nature for masculinity when it is not the enemy of femininity but a reflection thereof.

The style or voice is unique for me - in a twisted sense I've been listening to readings of hope borne from struggle in Dr. Maya Angelou to commemorate her life and works. Tis a pale comparison no doubt but one builds success on one's failures .

Fire of Man

F4a0cf5bf2fc53c214b452ecef9c7da0by Niall Jordan28 May 2014

There is a cold and dark fire within,
It burns, chars and maligns,
It curses and belies my sin,
It is the sin of masculinity to which I am aligned,
Through no fault or thought of my own I am guilty,
I must accept this very human frailty,
Regardless of how I conform or no,
To your senseless stereotyping of masculinity,
As a means to objectify and oppress femininity,
When so clearly one mask does not fit all,
I am not one type of man,
Nor you one type of woman,
Let us be as we are!

I share in the pain of my sisters and brothers,
A fire deep within us all expounds; and seeks warmth,
Which is the birthright of our fathers and mothers,
Beyond any cult or culture to dominate,
Or suffocate my voice, rejuvenated.
And so beautifully convoluted,
It sings amongst the plentiful and many,
A power ne'er to be feared, nor reviled;
So let the fire within burn bright,
For it is the passion of the soul in plain sight.
Yin and Yang are to plenty
A symbol to be utterly beguiled,
Illustrating a fascinating dance amongst the stars!