Things that please me

Pz-avatarby Niall Finn29 Oct 2013

When he says OK after an eternal succession of questions
Remarkable in inanity, apparently going nowhere
Until the cogs shift and click and another convoluted mystery
Becomes a solid piece of world.

When he says with pride “I’m going to look so cool”
And we thinking he wouldn’t care about that word.

When he makes me think about time, the universe
And all that stuff...
A world he only builds block by single block
Ignoring the passed on illogical muck.
Time might be precious but “it could never be gone”
Says he with his old man face on.

When he says No! and my blood boils with anger
How dare you!
And my heart swells with pride at the daring too.

When he says “that’s amazing!”
And you know he really means it.

And the smiles...
And the laughter...

When I know he worries
And I know he cares
As everyday he dares
To go forth and learn
Despite the fog that
Makes everything upsurd.

And still he smiles and learns
And finds time to laugh and give hugs
These are the things that please me
About my wonderful son.