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It's difficult trying to work everything out especially when you are young - you believe there has to be an answer.

How and Why

Pz-avatarby Niall Finn29 Oct 2013

“Can you tell me what God made?”, he says
“And can you tell me what he didn’t make?”, he says
Perched on the table before me, happily,
As if on a chair designed specifically for his needs
In this moment only, to question his daddy.

God’s creations: I begin with the sky
And I hear in my head, I’m sure, a scientist sigh.
He’s not buying it either. “But how? and Why?”
I retreat to the big bang and his eyebrows rise.
I’ve got it now, I said and attempt to explain why:
God made a big ball of stuff and made it explode
And from that was born the stars, the skies and us.

An appreciation of my efforts brings a small smile.
“But how did He stay alive?”
“How and why?”

His little curious face gets smaller.
A forehead working hard
And I can almost hear him think
So many puzzles
So many hows and whys
And how will I get by
Not knowing how and why.