Pz-avatarby Niall Finn29 Oct 2013

An illusion of motionlessness
Wingtips silently quivering
Master of wind and gravity.
A stray ray of sunlight
Reveals his brown wing
Not a gull or a crow then
It’s definitely him.
Talons hanging, poised so
I can almost feel them
Slipping through my skin
With exquisite gentleness
As if I was a mouse or a rat
Caught, trapped.

The moment has passed.
He breaks his spell
Wheels then arches gently
Down to begin again.
To spy another piece of ground.
Life goes on, renewed.
Having seen a portent
Of things to come.
Be patient and your nourishment will appear.
Swoop and dive with single purpose.
For strength and patience,
A little ruthlessness,
Will ensure you prevail, overcome.