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This is about the loss of a child and how you find yourself daydreaming about what could have been if it had turned out better. This is a first draft.

So Now I Daydream

Imageby Nichola J Feltham26 Jun 2014

(I am unsure of the title, the poem is at it's very first draft stages)

You're babies here,
Sleepless nights,
Tears and smiles,
Pointless fights.

Reality strikes,
Leave the daydreaming behind,
My baby never made it,
I'm not sure how this can be defined.

There's an aching pain,
Fixated to my heart,
Because you're gone,
I try not to fall apart.

I picture you here,
A smile appears,
For a second I forget,
That you're up there.

Taken from me,
But I don't scream,
Or handle the pain,
It's easier to dream.

Today's your due date,
Where are you?
You must be late,
Maybe you're busy dreaming too.