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the true power of success is greater then we see it to be

the true power of success

Pz-avatarby latifa03 May 2018

The power of changing this world is at the palm of our hands
Where we choose to relinquish it for the next future generations
This world is a deception, for its grip is strong and won't let go
Only we will have the power to succeed in life, for us, and them

We set your goal to where we want them to be
We use this power to help others around the globe
The ones that are going through struggles with continued genocides
Losing home, money, children, and themselves

All around the world the use of weaponry increasing throughout time
The law becoming unfair, leaving people to protest
Where young children don't think is right, but unequal
The light showing us the way, but we choose not to look

The wrongs and the rights are not truly what we say that make people easy to be believed
The group we choose to be, the test we take, the struggles we take, the path that leads us
We know what we are capable of changing, but yet some turn a blind eye
For me its pride, but for them its money, power, and cruelty

Life is changing, so we why can't we?
We can't stop that from happening but can alter what will come
The freedom of our society of the world can be recentered
What we make of ourselves and our world can't be justified

We can change people, but cant change people with the most power
Kicking out immigrants, making hateful comment towards women, forcing to build the wall
Bombing and killing innocents is what is made of them, but we as a nation need to be responsible
Making a difference an extraordinary ways of accomplishment

Doctors help us, police protects us, army fight for us
But why cant choose to join them?
Help them survive for us, and protect them from getting killed
The government making the laws, and enforcing them

Make this world a brighter, make it positive
Not everything in this world happens at an right angle
The journey and sacrifices are what we life for
This moment starts now, stand tall, and strive for it