Lady Lisa

Pz-avatarby Nitsan Shtivi08 Mar 2020

My lady Lisa, I miss your pretty smile.
since the last time, I've seen it it's been a while.
My lady Lisa I miss the way you look me in the eyes
that kind of look that can make a man cry.

I went to earn some money not far away in Rome,
I'm sorry I couldn’t be with you together at our home.
I asked this guy to paint you so, I can see your smile again.
so, I can see you looking at me, and it will take away my pain.

He drew these pretty mountains to emphasize your beauty and your poser.
oh,' my lady Lisa you look like a poster.
he said it took him a lot of time to make you laugh so in order to do so he drew you a clown and an elf.
My lovely girl, there's nothing I would do to be with you again.
but for now, I look at the painting staring at your face.
Now I captured your look forever and i'll take with me to every place.