A very short story- An Unexpected Discovery

Pz-avatarby Nitsan Shtivi19 Apr 2020

This is the third day in a row that he is coming late home and acting weird. He goes straight to the shower without even talking to me. This thing makes me a bit suspicious. There is no way he is cheating on me, and I just let him do it. I had to do something, so I decided to follow him on his way back home from work. I waited under his office wearing sunglasses and a coat because I didn’t want him to recognize me. As the clock stroked at 18:00 he went out of the building and got into the car. As I followed his car, I remembered that he said that he has a lot of work to do and he will leave the office only at 9 pm. I couldn’t understand why he was lying to me, and as I drove after him, the memories from all of our years together flashed before my eyes. I was in tears when I got to the destination. I arrived at a park, that bustard! This is the place where we first met. I saw him sitting on the bench as if he was waiting for someone. Right in front of him on the grass were a blanket and two glasses of wine. I was furious at that point, and I wanted to hit him so hard! Suddenly I heard my name. It was him. How did he know that I was here? I tried to confront him to tell him that I knew everything. He stood there laughing then he took my hand and reminded me that today 4 years ago we met right on this spot, and this is a surprise that he had been planning for days. He knew I'll suspect and follow him. He even left "clues" that will make me think he was cheating. I was speechless, at that point the tears of anger turned into tears of joy. He knelt on the ground, pooled out a ring, and then asked me to be his wife.