In the memory of Amit (one-page story)

Pz-avatarby Nitsan Shtivi17 May 2020

When he was born, he lighted the eyes of everyone in the family. He was a sweet boy with dark hair, brown eyes, and a huge smile that was always on his face. Even when his parents got divorced, he kept his beautiful smile. He did everything he could to be the perfect son for his parents. He grew up to be a beautiful boy with a mission to be the best that he could be. When the time had come, he had to join the army. He was his father's only child, but he just fought to be in "Golani". He had been so funny and so loveable that was what all his friends said. One day he met a girl. She was all he had ever wanted. There was a feeling of a new beginning in the air when he asked her to be his girlfriend. He wrote to her every night and called her every day. He promised her that everything would be ok. That soon would be over, they would travel around the world, but little did he know. He loved people and he had many friends. He was very friendly. He loved many things, his parents, his sister, his friends, and his girl, but he also loved his country. He felt proud to serve his country because he felt a huge bond to his unit. He even wrote something about it on the memorial's day. He wrote about his friend from school that had died in a battle. He wrote that he was happy. He felt like he was in the right place and took everything very seriously.
One hot night, in the middle of May he called her. They spoke a little. Then she asked to see him, so he turned on the camera. He was beautiful and she told him that. She said that she loved everything about him, his dark hair, and the way it fell perfectly on his forehead. She told him she loved his eyes, and that they were always full of warmth. On top of everything, she loved his smile and the way he smiled even through rough times. He told her that every time he smiles it's because of her she was the main reason behind his smile) since she made him happy. Then, he heard his name and he told her he had a mission. He had to end their call, he told her that loved her, and he promised to take care. He turned off his phone and went with his crew to complete their mission - to protect their country. He was walking there on the street during the hot May night surrounded by all of his best boys. Thinking about his girl and thinking about how he couldn't wait to see her on
Friday, so he would be able to hug and hold her. He thought that he was the happiest guy on earth. He had everything that a young guy would ever dream about. He had loving parents to rely on, friends that would always be there for him, and a beautiful girlfriend. He raised his head looking up at the night sky.
All of a sudden, with all of these thoughts in his head, He heard a loud noise and a sharp scream. Before he knew he was lying on the ground surrounded by his friends who were trying to help him. He was hit by the enemy with a stone in his head. He felt dizzy but kept thinking that he made a promise that he couldn't break now. But the pain grew bigger and he became weaker. And just before he closed his eyes forever, he asked his friends, "Tell them I'm happy because I protected my home. Tell them sorry I didn’t mean to die. Tell her that I love her, and I had loved her till the moment I died."